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Script Pag V5 Nulled




A: This script detects null values of string in javascript code. function nullAll(obj) { var nullAll = {}; for (var key in obj) { if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) { if (obj[key] === null) { nullAll[key] = obj[key]; } } } return nullAll; } It returns an object in this format: { null: , undefined: , 'undefined' : The script only works when a js-object is passed. Q: Consolidating table rows I have a table with product id and the price, so there is an array of all the ids and prices. var products = [ {productId: 1, price: 3}, {productId: 2, price: 5}, {productId: 3, price: 9}, ]; What I would like to do is to consolidate the values and only create one row per id and the same for the price. So I would like to end up with this: {id: 1, price: 3}, {id: 2, price: 5}, {id: 3, price: 9}, How would I go about this? Assuming that your data is stored in an array of objects you can use Array.reduce() in combination with Object.assign() to get the desired result. See it in action in this snippet (with your data): var products = [{productId: 1, price: 3}, {productId: 2, price: 5}, {productId: 3, price: 9}]; var result = products.reduce((acc, { productId, price }) => { Object.assign(acc[productId




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Script Pag V5 Nulled

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