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March 23, 24, 25, 27



Clear Your Mind from Stress and Work Best

Don't miss out the meditation & ancient practical wisdom that can turn your life around.

Clear Your Mind from Stress and Work Best
Clear Your Mind from Stress and Work Best

Time & Location

March 23, 24, 25, 27


About the Event


☘️Imagine being in a calm and peaceful place where even your most overwhelming worries no longer bother you, a place where you no longer let your regrets or worries control your life. As wild as it sounds, meditation can help you achieve that. You may not be able to avoid every problem thrown your way, but you can learn how to effectively manage the negativity that comes with it. 


What are the benefits of meditation?

✅Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & Aggression

✅Balances The Mind (Concentration, Attention Span, Positive Outlook)

✅Improves Self Awareness (Mindfulness, Self-Esteem, Acceptance)

✅Promotes Healthy Lifestyles (Sleep, Addiction, Blood Pressure)

✅Anyone can practice anywhere at any time



📌About this event:

This is a free meditation session led by monks who have been practicing Middle Way Meditation for more than 20 years.

📌About the insrtuctor:

Venerable Pasura, a Thai Theravada Buddhist monk, he has worked tirelessly over the past 15 years to deliver the profound wisdom of Buddha’s Teachings in the most engaging and practical way to people of all ages, races, religions, and no religion. He travels globally to teach several thousands of meditators of 30 countries in 6 continents. 

This course offers 3 sessions, along with a conclusion and reflections session.

  • Tue. March 23: Dealing with pressure
  • Wed. March 24: How to be in your zone
  • Thurs. March 25: Minimize Expectation and control
  • Sat. March 27: Conclusion and reflections

We recommend attending all three courses during the weekdays and reflect on your knowledge and understanding on Saturday.

☀️Free Admission:

We want to help communities find the inner peace they have been looking for. We are fully funded by donations from people like you who have found our teachings useful and want to keep our peace projects thriving throughout Chicagoland.


  • 1 hour

    Clear Your Mind from Stress and Work Best



  • Free Introductory Session

    Arrive 15 minutes prior to the session for special introduction and reception if you never come to our center before.




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