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In our classes, we use a variety of techniques in an effort to still the mind. You may find one works better for you than another. Listed is a brief overview of the approaches. 

Visualization - Gently focus the mind on an image, typically a bright object like a sun, moon, or crystal ball. Envision this object slowly getting brighter and clearer. Keep the mind fixed on the object while breathing normally. Visualization is a powerful technique that can keep the mind from wandering. 

Mantra - A mantra is a short & positive words or phrase you quietly repeat effortlessly inside yourself. By focusing your attention on the perpetual sound of the mantra the wandering mind slowly starts to settle until the mantra falls away. 

Keeping your mind at the center - We also recommend keeping your mind at the center of your body. If you are unsure where the center is, take a deep breath in — then breath out. The place where the bottom of your breath stops in your abdomen is the center, usually about two finger widths above your naval. By keeping your focus at this point, your mind will be less likely to wander.


There’s been a lot of research done on the health benefits of meditation — reduced stress, lower blood pressure and anger management are just a few of the positive effects of regular practice. 


• Enhanced immune system

• Reduced feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger

• Increased blood flow

• Slower heart rate

• Increased state of calm, peace, and balance

• Increased energy

• Reduced stress

• Increased attention

• Helps with sleep

• Improves brain functioning

• Makes you happier


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