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Our meditation classes are conducted by Middle Way meditation instructors, and practitioners. They teach easy to learn techniques that when practiced regularly can lead to a calmer, happier state-of-mind. Though many of us are aware that meditation can help with stress, it’s hard to find time to relax and focus. Group meditation keeps you motivated and provides support so you don’t have to meet the challenge on your own. 

Weekly Programs at 5849 N Nina Ave. Chicago (In-Person only)

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Tuesday:  7-8:20 pm

This class is perfect for those who are new to meditation. Here, you’ll learn the basics of meditation and how to start your practice. 


Tuesday: 7-8:20 pm

If you are an experienced meditator and looking for a way to deepen your practice, chanting may be the next step to help you on your journey.  



Wednesday : 7-8:20 pm

Brings inner peace and tranquility to the mind, allowing for a profound sense of relaxation and stillness.

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Thursday : 7 - 8:20 pm

Our program is designed to rejuvenate our well-being, as we firmly believe that a healthy body and
a healthy mind are true forms of wealth.

Experience group meditation where we can learn and grow together!

We start again on April 4th

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Saturday :  9-10:30 am

A small group sitting for those seeking a deep dive into meditation and Dhamma Talk.

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Sunday:  9-10:30 am

1:30 hours program that is for everyone who seeks for the quiet mind and learn the practical Dhamma which can be applied in daily life.

Feel free to stay a little longer to enjoy snacks and refreshment with our peaceful community after the program ends.

In our meditation class, we have a dress code to ensure a respectful and focused environment. We kindly ask participants to dress modestly, avoiding clothing that is see-through, tank tops, or short pants. By adhering to this dress code, we create a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can fully immerse themselves in the practice of meditation.
There is no fee but your donations really matter.

More than meditation classes, we cultivate peaceful community together.

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Everyone, no matter what background or belief, is welcome to our meditation classes. 

Online Programs via Zoom

Meeting ID: 970-1192-2337 
Passcode:   072

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