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Our meditation classes are conducted by Middle Way meditation instructors, and practitioners. They teach easy to learn techniques that when practiced regularly can lead to a calmer, happier state-of-mind. Though many of us are aware that meditation can help with stress, it’s hard to find time to relax and focus. Group meditation keeps you motivated and provides support so you don’t have to meet the challenge on your own. 


Virtual Meditation via Zoom ID: 698 718 9988
Just click the link in 5 minutes before class starts 

Friday, Oct 30: Full Moon Meditation (7-8:30 pm CST)

Book your full moon spot and have your own non-flammable light with you. We will share our love and light the candles all together.

Very Special, this time we have more activities for positive energy and we are going to light our candles for you too.

Monday: Start your Week off Right
(7:30-8:30 pm CST)
 Classes may be switched b/w Mon and Tue

10 minutes Relaxation Exercise

30 minutes Meditation

20 minutes Dharma Talk

Tuesday: Mind Bath (7:30-8:15 pm CST)

No time to meditate but know that meditation is good. 

Then, this mind bath is for you. We shortened the class to ensure that it is beneficial and just the right amount that you need. (45 minutes)

Sharpen your focus & clarity. 
Have a restful sleep tonight!

Wednesday: It is Wellness day (7:30-8:30 pm CST)

Missing your Wednesdays at W Gunnison?

Join this session because we are bringing real experiences as if you were in our center
10 minutes of Warm-up exercises

30 minutes of Introduction to Meditation and Practice

20 minutes of Dharma Workshop

Thursday: Soul Talk (9-10 pm CST)

What is really stopping you from being where you're supposed to be?

In this session, Ryan is going to help you understand and connect with who you really are.

10 minutes intro to the topic

30 minutes Guided Meditation

20 minutes Discussion

Friday: Words of Wisdom (7:30-8-30 pm CST)

Insight problem-solving hacks and practical wisdom

30 minutes Guided Meditation

30 minutes Words of Wisdom & Q&A

Saturday : Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

(9:00- 10:00 am CST)

20 minutes of Yoga exercises

30 minutes of Introduction to Meditation and Practice

10 minutes of Dharma Talk  

Saturday: Peace Pause for Children (6:30-7 pm CST)

Mindfulness for Kids and anyone just starting to learn how to meditate. It is very easy, practical, and result-oriented.

30 minutes program, don't be late.

Sunday: Buddhist Studies (9:00-10:30 am CST)

10 minutes of Warm-up exercises

40 minutes of Meditation Practice

40 minutes of Dharma Talk: Buddhism

Sunday Meditation in Spanish (11:00-11:50 am CST)

Now, we only provide classes on Zoom
Everyone, no matter what background or belief, is welcome to our meditation classes. They are held Wednesdays at 6224 W. Gunnison Street, Chicago IL and Saturdays and Sundays at 5849 N. Nina Avenue, Chicago IL. During these classes, we begin with stretching exercises, then meditate together in a calm and peaceful group setting, followed by a brief Dharma discussion. The full schedule for the classes are listed above. The classes are free, though donations are greatly appreciated. We have water and mats available, so you do not have to bring anything other than a ready attitude. We recommend comfortable and modest clothing, please nothing transparent, tight, or revealing. Registering is optional. Hope to see you here! If you have any questions, please contact us!



6224 W. Gunnison St Chicago, IL 60630

Pranee (773) 680-0313

5849 N. Nina Ave Chicago, IL  60631

(773) 680-0313

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