Support Group

Our teaching monks, staff and volunteer dedicate their time in order to practice generosity to maintain balance of mind, and to generate love and compassion. Selfless service is an essential part of the path of inner peace, an important step in the direction of liberation. With these feelings of love and compassion, the wish naturally arises to help others attain inner peace and happiness.  Volunteering is an expression of gratitude for the teachings, by helping others and expecting nothing in return.

MCC exists solely on the financial support of the community.  We are grateful to the community for keeping our doors open to allow us to continue serving the community for more than 22 years

Perform a random act of kindness today! One smile, an encouraging word or a compassionate thought put into action can save a life. Happiness never decreases by being shared.



6224 W. Gunnison St Chicago, IL 60630

(773) 732-4979

5849 N. Nina Ave Chicago, IL  60631

(773) 732-4979

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