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Moonlight Meditation 
Date: Friday, October 27, 2023

Place: 5849 N Nina Ave. Chicago

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Mindful Revival

Date: Thursdays: Oct 19 and Nov 9 

If you are looking to reconnect your body, mind, and spirit, this class is for you. The class begins with 30 minutes of Tai Chi movements to warm up the body and relax the mind. Then, we meditate together for 30 minutes. Finally, the session closes with mindfulness workshops to improve our well-beings. 

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Yoga on Beach
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Tai Chi in Motion
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Virtual Full Moon Meditation (on Zoom)

Date: Fri: September 29

Time: 8 pm CST
Meeting ID: 970-1192-2337 
Passcode:   072

A mind full of inner brightness, positivity, peacefulness can overcome any darkness or negativity in our lives. Just like the full moon illuminates the night sky.

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We’re here to support you to develop the emotional strength and peace of mind to handle whatever comes your way.

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