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Upcoming Events

Moonlight Meditation
Date: Wed. May 22th at 7 - 8:30 pm

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Yoga and Meditation
Date: Thursdays at 7 - 8:20 pm

Energize your body and enhance flexibility in invigorating yoga sessions while discovering inner serenity through guided meditation.

Reserve a spot   May 23 & May 30

One-Day Meditation Retreat
Date: Sun. June 16 at 9 am - 30 pm

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Note: The entrance door will be locked 30 minutes after the events start. If you're at the door after this time, you can send a direct message to our staff for assistance. 773-968-3557 and 773-680-0313

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Mindfulness Camp for Kids
Date: July 8th-10th (Mon. to Wed. between 9 am to 3 pm)

Don't let this special chance slip by for your child to discover mindfulness skills while enjoying summer to the fullest. Secure your child's spot in our Mindfulness Camp for Kids today!

Registration Required

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Virtual Full Moon Meditation 

Date: Thurs. May 23th

Time: 8 - 9 pm CST

Meeting ID: 970-1192-2337 

Passcode:   072

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A mind full of inner brightness, positivity, peacefulness can overcome any darkness or negativity in our lives. Just like the full moon illuminates the night sky.

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