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Upcoming Events

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Moonlight Meditation
Date: Mon. February 26

"Join us for an enchanting evening of Moonlight Meditation  at The Meditation Center of Chicago. Bask in the moonlight's peaceful embrace, light a candle, make a wish, and find your inner grace.

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Wellness Fundraiser Lunch
Date: Sun. March 10

Thai Foods Party for a Cause. A Fundraising Effort for the meditation event throughout 2024.

100% of your donation will fund the development of Meditation event/class

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Note: The entrance door will be closed 20 minutes after the events start. If you're at the door after this time, you can send a direct message to our staff for assistance. 773-968-3557 and 773-680-0313

Virtual Full Moon Meditation (on Zoom)

Date: Sun. February 25

Time: 8 pm CST
Meeting ID: 970-1192-2337 
Passcode:   072

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A mind full of inner brightness, positivity, peacefulness can overcome any darkness or negativity in our lives. Just like the full moon illuminates the night sky.

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