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Millennials and Finding Inner Peace in the Digital Age

Most of us are going through difficult times. Many lost their jobs, loved ones, or both. This is true for all ranges of age, from kids to older adults.

The perspective I’d like to bring to light is that of the millennials. Millennials are those who were born in the year 1981 through 1996. I believe this generation is unique because of the bridge between the analog and digital age we lived through.

Being a millennial myself, I grew up learning how to use an abacus for a test, then eventually digital calculator. Learning to remember all of the phone numbers of loved ones, then forgetting about them when smartphones were introduced. These transitional aspects have influenced my generation.

The influence of growing up a millennial is the lack of understanding. Since we were able to shortcut a lot of aspects in life, during the digital revolution, we were used to instant gratification. Millennials were one of the first to experience the internet in its development. The internet shows an unrealistic world, and it was the diet of millennials.

The problem with this is we wanted everything in that unrealistic world. The media and society told us that we can be anything in life. Kids get trophies for being mediocre. Teens substitute face-to-face socializing with video games, internet, and texting. Millennial adults are expected to be successful as soon as they get out of college. Since what we want was easily accessible, our understanding of the real world was false.

Nowadays, millennials are still struggling to become functional adults in the real world. With the covid-19 pandemic, millennials are even more confused about life. We were told that anything is possible, when in fact, it isn’t.

The aspects of the digital age are what led millennials to what we are today. Digital overload, digital deduction, digital distraction, and digital dementia.

Today we have an abundance of sources for news and media. The amount of data created within the last 2 years is more than the amount of all the data created prior. Everywhere we look, there is constant information. It can overwhelm us and overload our mind.

For digital deduction, many are unable to do simple math. Some cannot take 10% out of a check without using calculators. The digital age has made millennials unable to logically deduct.

With constant pings and dings from notifications, we are in a perpetual distraction. Phone’s, computer’s, and car’s notifications made us unable to focus. Without focus, our minds are unable to think clearly.

With the high level of digital and technology in our lives, digital dementia is inevitable. Short term memory loss occurs since we rely heavily on technology. Has it ever happened to you where you use a gps, even though you have been to that destination countless times?

Our dependence on technology can be dangerous. Many are diagnosed with depression and other psychological issues. Unless we fix it, these issues will be the norm for generations like the millennials.

The best remedy I found is meditation. Meditation brings back a high level of focus and confidence within us. By being critical in our thinking every day, we can acknowledge the problems right away. Studies have shown that meditation helps with depression and improves lack of focus. It would help the millennials understand the world realistically. We simply do not question the world enough and meditation can make that the norm.

I encourage you to try meditation with everything that is currently happening. No matter what background, age, or race, meditation is a gift for all. Although, finding inner peace is difficult in this day and age, it is not possible. We have to take control of our own mind again. Life can be amazing, it is only a matter of knowing the methods to achieve it, and it is meditation.

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