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Your Health Matters

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Most people who wish for long life refer to living it for a long time rather than be healthy. It is more desirable to live a healthy life than live a long miserable one full of illnesses.

Unfortunately, I had lost my mother at an early age, precisely when my firstborn son was only six months old. It was terrifying not knowing when my mother had acquired a terminal illness and to find out later that it was too late and irreversible. I was allowed to willingly take care of her during the last months of her life. I would have done everything under my power to go back in time, so I can make a difference in saving my mother's life. Her disbelief towards health caused a premature death which taught me to be extra diligent about my health. If it hadn't been for her death, I probably wouldn't be so conscious about how important health is. Then, I became super concerned about eating the right food for nutrition and never miss my regular checkups. Moreover, as a mother of a newborn baby, I needed to be even extra aware of being healthy, so I could help my child grow healthy and happy.

Until today, my daily routine includes cooking fresh vegetables, taking in 20 minutes of vitamin D directly from the sun, without worrying too much about skin cancer. Because I exercise regularly and at least three times a week, it has helped me maintain my energy level to be productive during the day. Meditation to destress the mind and body before bedtime also contributed to a sound and peaceful sleep and retiring at around the same time every night to get a good eight hours of sleep regularly. As much as possible, try to establish a routine that works for you and never lose sight of the fact that your health comes first. Definitely, this helped me become a better care taker and consequently inspire others to follow my walk.

I believe health is the most precious gift one must value, and you shouldn't take it for granted. You become less of a burden to someone and less dependent when you are in charge of taking good care of yourself. This way, you show maturity and responsibility towards others by bringing relief and peace, especially to your immediate family members. We are all connected in health or sickness. How I wish my mother had taken care of her health so she could have helped me during my first year of motherhood. Having a terminal illness is like watching the sunset behind the mountains. You cannot predict the exact moment when the sun sets for the day. Every day is a day to be thankful for being alive. Perhaps, we all should live our lives with this in mind and strive for wellness as our priority for living a fulfilled, productive, long, and happy life.

Shane Chung

She is a native born Taiwanese and an immigrant from Brazil. She has been living in California since 1988 and she became a mother of two boys, a 19 and a 27 years old. Her intention to coming to US was to go to College in which she studied Early Childhood Education and Graphic Design. Around 30 years ago, she became very interested in health issues, so she studied 2 years of alternative medicine called Homeopathy. In the meantime, she developed her passion for teaching , so she has embarked into private tutoring for the last 15 years. She is a supporter of living sustainably, so her hobbies include growing her own backyard organic fruits and vegetables.

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Pranee R
Pranee R
Feb 23, 2021

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